A veteran hunter. An unimaginable world filled with monsters and magic. Destiny awaits.

When fate brought me to the fantasy world of Aurilon, I thought I’d seen everything.

If I only knew how wrong I was. Now, I’ve discovered monsters are real, they’re stunningly beautiful, and they need my help.
In this world, men’s cores are cursed, preventing them from cultivating and achieving incredible power. Fortunately, I’m not from this world.

With several amazing monster girls at my side, I’ll forge a new destiny and ascend to heights I’d only ever dreamed of.
But first, I must create a safe haven in the wilds to protect those who have been hunted for far too long.

My greatest challenge lies ahead.

Spirit to cultivate. Monster girls to rescue. Skills to increase.

And a boatload of enemies to eliminate.

I’ve never come back from a hunt empty-handed, and I’m not about to start now.

DISCLAIMER: This series contains adult themes, graphic violence, undefined relationships/harem, and explicit scenes. You’ve been warned.

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