Roy Boss, the CEO of VentureForge Industries, just woke up in a different galaxy.

He’s lost his company and his body, and the man who murdered him might still be alive. The good news is he’s on Plymouth, an almost mythical world where monsters are designed and printed for Roy’s game worlds. First order of the day: print himself a superpowered body and get back what’s his.

But everything isn’t as it seems. The research lab he arrived in is deserted except for a few dead security guards, and the streets outside are filled with thousands of robot dogs programmed for one single purpose: kill Roy Boss.

But Roy has an entire catalog of savior-class monster girls he can print up to help him clean house, each with their own powers, transformations, and fetishes. Hit Print for justice, for satisfaction, and for the love of the game.

From Aaron Crash, bestselling author of Barbarian Outcast and the American Dragon series, comes a brand-new world that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

Disclaimer: Boss Build is an explicit sci-if harem adventure. There are girls, guns, and sex on the page. Each of Roy’s monster girls is fully configurable when it comes to bedroom activities. It’s like a smutty I Am Legend meets Westworld. You have been warned.

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