There are national championships. Regional championships. Even World Championships. None of them are the Olympics. Once in every four years, the elite athletes of every discipline gather together to test themselves against each other.

To earn the privilege of competing is a dream that the women in Daniel’s life have been chasing for years. Now that chance is in reach. They will give everything of themselves to be ready.

Yet life has demands of its own. Family. Friends. Competition. Enemies. Even fate itself have a way of interceding at the worst possible moment. Athletes need to perform on the field, and yet they need resilience in their personal lives as well.

To achieve their Olympics dreams, each will need to face these challenges and make their choices. Whether they succeed or fail, Daniel will be there each step of the way to support them right to the end.

*** Fair Warning! ***

This novel contains explicit scenes with unconventional and light BDSM elements amidst the rest of the drama.

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