Announcement from Soundbooth Theater:

After approximately three years of waiting, the fourth book in the Delvers LLC saga, Delvers LLC: Golden Handcuffs, is FINALLY available on Audible. Written by the incomparable Blaise Corvin and narrated by Jeff Hays, Golden Handcuffs finds Henry and Jason in need of a break, after just having saved a country on Ludus. Unfortunately, life moves on, and new problems will appear, especially for their friend, the new ruler of Berber. Being orb-bonded adventurers wielding powerful magic means they have the responsibility to do what others cannot.

Events on Ludus and out among the rest of the universe are spiraling toward something terrible. Henry Sato, Jason Booth, and Nora Hazard might find themselves being drawn toward the center of the conflict, or knowing their luck, fall right into it.

Catch up on the first three audiobooks in the series here! 

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