A LitRPG with a harem, a badass MC, and a world-ending threat.

I’m Pryvet, a wanderer. The only foreigner to ever gain a Debt from this new land’s goddess, and apparently the largest one she’s ever given.

If I’m able to repay it, I’ll be rewarded with incomparable magic. I’ll be able to revenge my murdered parents, my razed village, my slaughtered friends.

But, how does one repay Debts to a goddess? By sleeping with as many women as She wants.

The only problem? Time is short, and an invading army of vicious elf-warriors wants me and my gorgeous companions capital D Dead.

Well, I better get started. Time’s a wasting!

Divine Debtor is a thrill-ride of a LitRPG where our hero’s best offense is his defense, and his best defense includes a harem of gorgeous ladies…plus his unbreakable shield. It contains slow-burn harem elements, love-making, and violence.

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