All Jake Goodman wanted was a good night’s sleep. But at what cost?

A former MMA fighter with a crippling case of insomnia, Jake is finally able to get some shut-eye for the first time in his life. Sort of.

As soon as he falls asleep, Jake is transported to a dreamworld known as the Orange Vale. Able to wander his dreamscape at will, Jake sets off to conquer the dungeons of the Orange Vale, facing off against hybrid monsters and eerie shadow dragons.

Alongside a beautiful beast tamer named Catriona and his pitbull, Bruno, Jake challenges these dungeons with the hopes of capturing their dungeon cores and freeing the beautiful dungeon maidens trapped within.

As things get more complicated in both worlds, Jake faces an existential crisis.

Can he sort his dream life from his real life? And when his two lives inexplicably cross paths, can he solve the riddle before the Darkness destroys the Orange Vale?

Who is the mysterious Dungeon Goddess, and how is she related to both worlds?

With the help of friends old and new, join Jake on his epic journey to get the answers he so desperately needs.

Dreams really can become a reality, and as Jake is about to discover, nightmares can too.

Reader discretion is advised: Dungeon Goddess contains multiple romantic partners/undefined relationships.

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