A sexy, action-packed space adventure.

My name is Locke. Once, I was a delver and an explorer, venturing into the planet-wide ruins that cover my home planet, looking for the treasure and knowledge left behind after the Corporation Wars ravaged El Finito. But after receiving an unexpecting reproductive upgrade, I find myself embracing my abilities and helping people conceive the children they’ve always wanted.

Not that everything is great. I’ve barely had a moment to myself the last few months and I’ve been fighting a lot with my girlfriend, Gnasher. Plus the Syndicate, the galactic government that wants to dissect me, is blockading our planet and slowly starving us out.

When aid comes from an unexpected ally, I quickly find myself completely out of my element, heading to an alien planet ruled by a godlike A.I. Apparently, she’s having her own share of reproductive woes and she thinks I hold the secrets to saving her civilization.

Warning: This novel contains descriptions of violence, graphic sex, unconventional relationships, and limitless adventure.

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