There is another realm hidden behind the land of Sarcosia—an apocalyptic expanse populated by creatures of unspeakable horror. It exists in another dimension, but someone or something is trying to make its way through.

In Sarcosia’s city of Avalour, humans sit on a lower social strata than elves. A human thief named Isaac spends his days lessening the gap between them. When an old elf woman spies him thieving, she offers him a job: deliver a strange book to a building across town. This kicks off a series of cataclysmic events that force Isaac to make a deal with an elven goddess named Saldana to ensure his own survival.

Named Saldana’s acolyte and armed with her interdimensional dagger, Isaac must try to investigate strange portals, traverse a city overtaken by a human uprising, and put a stop to an evil sorcerer’s plan to merge dimensions and become unstoppably powerful, all with the help of a voluptuous dark mage and a fiery barbarian. Together, can they keep evil at bay?

Eldritch Assassin is a sexy fantasy adventure that will get your blood pumping in more ways than one. For adult readers only. This book contains harem elements.

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