A romantic superhero drama centered around a fictional nation about to undergo an incredible change!

Even since the Heaven’s Fall, Chosen have walked the Earth. People with powers far beyond mortal ken. They have changed the nature of diplomacy. Changed the way nations deal with each other. To some, they have given strength where once there was only uncertainty. So it was with the Island of Yeoseo under the brutal dictatorship of Kan Yeong-su.

On the very day the USA celebrates Thanksgiving, a Chosen is born that links to the most powerful piece of the Heaven’s Fall. That piece is controlled by an arrogant King that sees his chance to become important on the world stage. The Chosen is groomed, educated and forged into a weapon that will see them rise.

As a means to keep his weapon content, the Chosen is gifted with a harem of beautiful women. Selected from throughout the island, they keep him well satisfied and without any need to question his actual lot in life.

But the Great King has miscalculated. He has underestimated the women he has placed near to his Champion. For they remember their past lives. Remember the suffering of the people beyond the Palace walls.

What will happen when they decide to tell their nation’s hero the truth? Will he choose his king? Or the women he has come to love?

* * * * * * * * * *

This novella contains scenes of superhero action and political drama. It also contains scenes of intense, explicitly erotic scenes which includes all natures of sex and harem elements.

Understanding that Thanksgiving is typically an American and Canadian holiday, I hope everyone can enjoy the spirit of good will, charity, offering thanks for one’s gifts, and maybe a little good food… in addition to the sexy fun and drama, anyway!

For the enjoyment of Adults only!

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