Zahn’s life has been anything but ordinary. While hunting archaic relics infused with magic from continent to continent, his latest search brings him to Hollywood, and then face to face with a movie star he has idolized for years.

Until now, he has only cared about the quest. But as lust and love break into his life, Zahn is caught up in a violent competition to retrieve one of the most powerful magical creations of all time from its ancient resting place. And this time, the race includes mercenaries, a centuries-old organization bent on stopping anyone from possessing it, and a killer who doesn’t understand the concept of mercy.

Well, no one ever promised him that Finding Real Magic in this world was going to be easy. But it was definitely worth dying for.

***** Fair Warning *****

This novel contains action, adventure, violence, and copious amounts of intense sex. The sexy fun contains polyamory, harem elements, and intense descriptions that will make the innocent blush for sure.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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