Zahn’s involvement in the hunt for ancient relics linked to the legends of Camelot had become his whole world. One of his new companions is the fabled beauty known as Guinevere. Along with his companions, they have made their home upon Avalon itself.

None of that has made his life any safer. Those who want to possess the near-absolute power behind Merlin’s Staff and the sword Excalibur will stop at nothing to achieve those goals. Some wish to ensure they remain out of the hands of dangerous people. Others are those dangerous people that are willing to kill to have them. Then there is One who has survived the passage of centuries, emerging now to seize hold of the ancient relics for the promise of ultimate power.

Zahn knows the future of magic is at stake. That is why he is in the hunt. These potent relics could reignite the Ley Lines and return real magic to the world. To achieve that, he has to do more than defeat those who would claim them first. He must open his heart and accept a destiny he never would have imagined possible.

***** A Fair Warning! *****

This novel contains action, adventure, violence, and copious amounts of intense sex. The sexy fun contains harem elements and intense sexual descriptions that will make the innocent blush for sure.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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