He’s done playing. Now, he’s going to win.

Roy Boss has the planet of Plymouth all to himself. He’s beaten back his enemies in the Milky Way Galaxy and he’s destroyed Morcom. Now it’s time to get his company back. To do that, he’ll need to play a game with a sexy new opponent in space. He’ll have to undo her plans, run her dungeons, and get to the Plymouth Gate, where the war is only just beginning.

Luckily, Roy has the help of the monster girls he’s created, as well as more on the way. He’s designed an army to win, but not everything is going so smoothly inside his family. The niddies are growing up and want prey. Suzanne, the sexy snake woman, isn’t about to make life easy, and a pregnant Tails is proving that hell hath no fury like a hungry fox girl. Even Halcyon, the insatiable A.I., is having issues. Roy will have to deal with his women and win his way across the galaxies to reclaim what is rightfully his in this epic conclusion of the Creature Girl Creations trilogy.

Disclaimer: God Build is an explicit sci-if harem adventure. There are girls, guns, and sex on the page. Each of Roy’s monster girls is fully configurable when it comes to bedroom activities. It’s like a smutty I Am Legend meets Westworld. You have been warned.

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