Challenging him will be their last mistake. Now even the gods and demons of the upper echelon fear him.

Three corrupt gods. One demon lord. A fight for supremacy.

Prince Alastor, the Lycian, arrives with his mercenary army on the battlefield, knowing that this battle will decide his fate. He’s either going to defeat the demi humans and return to the capital as viceroy—or be exiled for the rest of his life as “Prince Loser.” He’s certain his army of cutthroats—unflinching, unwavering, unfaltering bastards eager to tear his enemies apart for gold—is more than capable of the job.

But as he marches on the battlefield, dark forces conspire for his very soul, forcing him to die and be reborn into the greatest demon lord ever. Dark and powerful now, he attracts the company of a bloodthirsty demoness and a seductive dragon princess that tears down cities. Even the demon queen has big-time plans for him.

There’s one problem however, the most ferocious gods on the realm want to protect the current state of affairs and will do everything in their power to stop him.

As the prince embarks on a quest of hatred, malice, and revenge, what will be more horrific—our hero’s actions or the evil he was destined to destroy?

Demon Mage is a LitRPG fantasy novel following the tradition of novels like “Record of Lodoss War” and “Overlord”.

Warning: This novel contains harem elements, light gamelit / litrpg mechanics, strong language, graphic violence and sexual content.

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