The dungeons are falling!

Despite Derek’s success in leading the hybrid monster people to the surface world, the dangers that the Messiah of Monsters, his women, and his people must face are only growing. The power that fuels the dungeons that protect the kingdom below are faltering, the land above has been brutalized and laid barren by the Father of the Strangers, and the numbers of the enemy only seem to grow.

But Derek isn’t going to give up without a fight. A search for new power for the dungeons, rallying the hybrids into an army to defeat the Father, and more… but it may now be enough. The path to the salvation of Hybrid and Strange alike might lie in the past.

And not just anyone’s past, but the past of the Messiah… the Original Messiah! Only then might Derek rise up to be not only the Messiah of Monsters, but the Hero of Hybrids!

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