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New Harem GameLit Release: Infinite Spawns

I’m happy to finally release my new book, Infinite Spawns. The story is about a young man who gets caught between two goddesses who love to play games. He has to fight for his life in a celestial parking garage, and must battle walking houses, escape pocket universes, and win a go-kart race. As part of those games, he is given the gift of magic. His new sorcery needs women to work properly, but the goddess makes it so the only women around are his ex-girlfriends. If he can survive the girls and win the challenge, she’ll grant him a single wish.
The games continue in book 2, Dragon Royale. Some of you may remember I released this book last summer (and Dragon Royale 2). I created this new book 1 to explain some of the plot holes of those later books, re-wrote portions of Dragon Royale to smooth out the story arc, and did the same for Dragon Royale 2 (now titled Water Levels). As you can tell by my slow speed, I only do this part time, but I’m also working on book 4, titled Icy Hot, which I hope to have out this fall.
All my books include GameLit elements and are a mix of D&D and modern-era weapons. A special thanks to the great beta readers I’ve picked up over the past year.

Drake Powers

She said I would be rewarded with women

What she didn’t tell me is that they’d be in cages. And they’d all be my ex-girlfriends. And I had to pick just one to save. Some reward.

But it isn’t all bad. Sure, I’m the pawn between two eternal goddesses who compete to make mortal men fall in love with them. And yeah, I’m knee-deep in a series of challenges to see if I get to live another day. Oh, plus I’ve been given magical powers that I need to figure out on the fly. And…

Wait, I guess it is all bad.

Anyway, I’m 100% sure if I win the challenges, save the women, and prevent my own extinction, the rest of my life will be smooth sailing by comparison.

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…assuming I can escape her game.

Infinite Spawns kicks off a series of GameLit adventures which will take Matt into the multi-verse and to parallel versions of himself, and his ex-girlfriends. Book 2, Dragon Royale and book 3, Water Levelscontinue his battle of wits with a goddess while also helping him appreciate the necessity of strong, capable women in his life. Even those ex-‘s.

Note: Some harem elements are found in this series. Intimacy increases in later books as Matt spends more time with his ladies, as you would expect. 18 and older recommended.

Dragon Royale was previously published in 2018. Water Levels was previously published in 2018 as Dragon Royale 2. Both have been mildly re-written to match the story arc started in this new book 1. A new book 4, Icy Hot is being penned.

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