New Harem GameLit Release: Iron Mage 2

Javron and his harem of beautiful mages must face the Ultimate Evil…

Our hero survived the Bandit King, but he might not be able to handle the next test of his powers.

Javron, Nori the elf, and Ayana the lightning mage are given an ultimatum: if you want safe passage through the kingdom of Avenrod, clear out a nearby mine of the vicious creatures within.

But there are things down in the depths of the earth that no one warned them about…

In their fight to stay alive, they will encounter new allies… new enemies… new realms that threaten their sanity…

…and new gorgeous women to both aid in the fight and share the hero’s bed.

New threats lurk around every corner. Javron will have to stretch his powers and his wits to the utmost if he wants to stay alive… and truly become the Iron Mage.

Warning: this book contains harem elements, violence, and adult situations.

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