What lies beneath this planet of mystery?

Roy Boss had it made. He had three sexy monster girls and two cute baby girls, and he murdered the hell out of the guy who stole his company. The only thing left to do was to go back through the stargate and take back his property… or at least that’s what he thought before the gateway to the planet’s underworld swung open.

The revelations of the deep dark are astounding: the birth of the Pelerine, the secrets of the Coptics, and the arrival of the UnWolf. But by learning the secret histories, Roy has drawn the attentions of an ancient foe. He’ll have to level up, gather more resources, and print his own army of monsters, or the planet of Plymouth will die a second time—and this time, the future of the Milky Way Galaxy might perish with it.

From Aaron Crash, bestselling author of Barbarian Outcast and the American Dragon series, comes a brand-new world that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

Disclaimer: Master Build is an explicit sci-if harem adventure. There are girls, guns, and sex on the page. Each of Roy’s monster girls is fully configurable when it comes to bedroom activities. It’s like a smutty I Am Legend meets Westworld. You have been warned.

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