One man’s will forged a clan from scattered and broken tribes. But when enemies from afar eye his tiny forest, can he defend what he has built?

The Hearthwood Clan now exists in more than name. Theo has crowned himself patriarch, and most of the tribal chiefs are now matriarchs at his side. But his troubles are not over. Not all the tribes have sworn their fealty, and Theo will need every elvish cultivator he can muster to oppose the ominous shadows that loom over the forest.

Undead plague the land.

A four-tailed monster lurks in the woods.

Honorless slavers eye elves with greedy eyes.

An unblinking eye gazes down, filled with malevolence.

To face these threats, the Hearthwood Clan must rise to new heights and cultivate their way to power beyond anything they have ever dreamed of.

Written by and for fans of Harem, Base building, dungeon cores, and cultivation novels.

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