Secret Forces, Depraved Nobles, Foreign Executioners, Hasty Raiders And A Self-Proclaimed Conqueror; forces converge within Cerulean-in-the-Mountain. An unforgettable day in cave elf history is coming.

Auroro, the man with a countdown on his life and his two assets, the wildland elf, Rynissie, and the strange catgirl, Chesheer are finally nearing Cerulean-in-the-Mountain. Auroro is set on accomplishing the task given to him by the woman he’s smitten with, but things aren’t so easy when one is easily distracted by the strange delicacies offered by the city with the most toxic hospitality.
As the group moves, the world moves around them. Things are always happening in Mistrim and unfortunately, Auroro and company are inadvertently in the middle of the biggest disaster waiting to happen.

Here, in the biggest volume yet, the Longest Two Days of Auroro’s fledgling life will unfold.

Monster Girl Collection Volume 3 is a spicy battle fantasy with over the top battles, complex magic, sentient monster girls, wild monster girls and unconventional, explicit relations.

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