The monster girl-filled action and magical battle adventure through the fantastical world of Mistrim continues!

Self-proclaimed conqueror, Auroro, and his contracted guide, Rynissie, have hit the road. They have had a simple errand (read: most important task) entrusted to them and are heading to the cave elf city of Cerulean-in-the-Mountain … Or at least that was the plan. Auroro has decided to be efficient.
They’re going to do some jobs along the way and make some money! Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, things are not normal in the forests of Viridia. Reports of strange monsters, disturbed ambient mana and travelers getting lost in the woods over night point Rynissie to a certain conclusion.
Rynissie suspects Underland, a plane of existence within Mistrim where games and rhymes come to life is leaking its weirdness into the forest. For Rynissie, it’s just another decade in the forest but as Auroro is about to find out, things are never easy when Underland is involved… At least it will be one heck of a time.

Monster Girl Collection Volume 2 continues the story of a man who just wants whatever strikes his fancy. Written for adult readers, come along and enjoy this laugh-filled and saucy romp!
Note: This is also a story which features questionable morals, awesome monster girls and harems.

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