A conqueror is only as strong as his assets…

Dropped into an unfamiliar world with an expiration date staring him in the face, Auroro understands very little. But he knows what drives him: desire.

It burns in his core, and while he hasn’t yet harnessed his abilities, he knows he has the power to feed his own passion and lust into the hearts and bodies of those he seeks to possess.

His first acquaintance is Rynissie, gorgeous and sharp-tongued, whose guidance will prove priceless as Auroro navigates his new existence. Then there’s Princess Veerie, volatile yet tender, who taps into feelings Auroro didn’t know he possessed—even if she drives him crazy along the way. And they’re just two in a city brimming with beautiful women of every race and clan.

Auroro is having the time of his life discovering his new world and his power therein. And the closer he grows to his assets, the more he realizes how crucial each woman is in his journey.

With their help, Auroro begins to hone his skill. With every stride toward harnessing his ability, Auroro progresses in his quest to know who he is and why he’s here.

But his days are numbered… and time can only be added to Auroro’s life through indulging his appetite—by calling on a monumental power rooted in the very desire that drives him.

Monster Girl Collection: Volume 1 is a new twist on the harem fantasy featuring badass monster girls, a down-to-earth hero, and content suitable for mature readers only!

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