A pirate’s life for me!

Jon, Lilly and the rest of the crew try and adjust to their new life and new relationships but all is not as simple or innocent as it seems. An old friend from Lilly’s past arrives to give secret information from the elven realm of Aquris. Information that could change their very lives if they don’t act on it.

Jon will have to uncover more about his own strange abilities, help the beautiful Captain and take on a secret mission while navigating the many pitfalls of dating pirate elves.

Can Jon and the crew of elves thwart a darkness while their very lives and copious amounts of rum hang in the balance?

My Girlfriends are Pirate Elves! contains humor, outlandish adventure, everyday life, some cursing, dating, swashbuckling, pointed ears, magical pistols, sharp teeth, a cleric and there might be a dragon somewhere in there. This story is for mature readers, 18 and up. Avast! There be elves in these waters!

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