Keion, the all-mighty Prince of Angels!
Kinda’ has that neat ring to it, huh?
But I’m nothing more than an extension of my father’s seed.

Or so I’ve been told…

Yeah, angels can be mean, because why else would a realm filled with wings and halos respect a half-demon, half-angel reject like myself?
That’s right, I’m a Nephilim, and everyone in the kingdom doesn’t have a problem reminding me of that fact. But when guardian angels start disappearing from the Earth Realm, it’s up to me and my special Nephilim insight to save the world.
But not before registering to the biggest tournament for a dose of rushed training!
Monster babes and angel dolls alike, pinned against each other in an all-out battle to be granted a wish from the powerful Gendenkon Dragon.

Heh, and while I’m there, I might as well take in the scenery.

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