Levi Walker reached Taryl after a real bad day at college. An angry walk in the rain led to Truck-Kun and a quick trip to reincarnation. If dying wasn’t bad enough, Levi wasn’t off the hook for his higher education.

Reborn on Taryl and sent to the Academy, Levi is expected to learn how to wield powerful magics. A glitch in the Reincarnation Network has left him with a new body and no idea what’s going on. He’s been told he has great magical potential, but no one is sure what kind.

Now Levi has to accept magic is real, mana vapor makes airships fly and “Horrors” from another dimension feed on unsuspecting victims. If that’s not bad enough, he still has to do homework.
Fortunately, Levi has always been a quick study.

Contains unconventional romantic themes,sexual situations, and interdimensional monsters. Not for those under 18.

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