Chuck didn’t expect to be retired by the time he was thirty. That was just how life had worked out. He’d had his fair share of adventures, put together a decent bankroll while working in the oil fields of northern Canada, and escaped with an injury that hadn’t crippled him too badly. All he wants is to build a bit more money before buying himself a secluded cottage and deciding how to fulfill the rest of his life.

To accomplish that, he’s rented a small house in a small town in New England, close enough to watch for a good price on the nearby mountain lots that he will one day buy. Working at a local bowling alley, he has familiarized himself with the locals, knowing this would probably be his supply stop in the future. He didn’t need much from them. He spent his time doing good deeds and earning good will, liking his reputation as the slightly-odd guy from out-of-town who’d become part of their lives in a righteous sort of way.

But life has a way of not leaving carefree people alone. And Chuck is the sort of guy who finds it hard to turn his back when he sees people being treated poorly, even those he doesn’t know. When he steps in to help a group of women being bullied by those will oversized egos, Chuck finds himself caught in the middle of a contest where the stakes keep on rising.

He didn’t want a fight. But if he’d learned one thing in the past, it’s when a fight happens anyway, the only thing to do is make sure your side comes out on top.

***** Fair Warning *****
This novel contains drama, some violence, unconventional relationships with spicy scenes. For the entertainment of adults only!

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