Can a washed-up recruit find himself and his way home?

Tristan never wanted to be a Bolstered soldier. He wanted the easy city life.

Now he is stuck in a land filled with wild women, exotic magic, and dark dangers. His beautiful commander—his only way back and the one person with any faith in him—has caught the eye of a freakish crime lord backed by shadowy powers.

Tristan has his own magic, but to save them both, he’ll need to confront his doubts and bind willing women brandishing destructive Fallen powers to his cause.

If he succeeds, will Tristan even want to return? It’s a question as unsettling as his enemy, and one he can only answer after defeating the rising tide of foes.

To win he will need to do more than ride a bound storm—he has to unleash its fury himself.

This story contains graphic violence, eager women, and explicit harem relationships. Only vanquished foes fade to black.

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