A Sexy Romantic-Comedy perfect for Thanksgiving! (A Long Novella / Short Novel for the Holiday!)

Richard (Rick) Angelo is nice guy with a normal life. Stuck in a bit of a rut, his friends suggest he start taking more risks to shake himself out of the his everyday routine. But no matter what sort of risks he takes, Rick refuses to stop being what he is: a kind soul willing to help others.

In the span of a single day, Rick will be thrown into a strange hurricane of odd situations that will toss his life on its end. Nothing will be the same after. All the choices he makes cause nothing but trouble: and at the same time, put him in the path of the sexiest women he’s ever met in his life. Being with any one of the beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted women would be enough to blow Rick’s mind.

With love on his mind, he heads to a party, happy to have survived the turmoil of Black Friday intact. What does he find? Those same women… they are friends. He knows them all, but none of them know that he’s the Angel they have all met.

What could possibly go wrong?

* * * * * * * * * *
This novella contains fun scenes in the style of Romantic-comedies -> light-hearted confusion as unexpected confusion turns into sexy fun. It also contains scenes of intense, explicitly erotic scenes which includes “risk of discover” sex, light bondage, and harem elements.

Understanding that Thanksgiving is typically an American and Canadian holiday, I hope everyone can enjoy the spirit of good will, good food, and charity that is the main theme of the novella… in addition to the sexy fun, anyway!

For the enjoyment of Adults only!

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