The world is shattered.

Long ago, powerful demonic entities invaded from outside the universe to wage war on the gods. That horrific conflict brought about the Shattering, an apocalyptic cataclysm that ripped the worlds of the Zemyah asunder. With the last remnants of their power, the gods stabilized the remaining shards of Zemyah and bound them together with the astral currents, giant ribbons of cosmic energy glittering in the blackness of space.

Today, the descendents of the Shattering’s survivors sail these astral currents on magical ships, on missions of war, trade, and piracy.

Zain Shamar is one such sailor. An aspiring student of magical crafting—an artificer—Zain sought to trade his labor for passage on a luxury astral liner, known as the Crystania. But the greedy Cydonia Trading Company swindled him, forcing him into a life of involuntary servitude and crushing debt.

But Zain has a plan to escape the Crystania—a plan that goes wrong, sending him on a world-spanning adventure, full of sexy young heiresses, a pair of lusty Amazons, and a powerful magical artifact—a ring containing a gorgeous genie. But the vicious Scourge space pirates, led by a perverted cannibalistic demon known as Chernobog the Vile, want the ring as well, and will stop at nothing to take it off his dead body.

Zain is going to need to use every ounce of his wits and magical knowledge, as well as the skills of his new-found allies, if he is going to have any chance of surviving their wrath.

This is a pulpy, salacious, indulgent, erotic novel in the space fantasy/haremlit genre, and contains a few scenes that may be disturbing to some people. Reader discretion is advised.

M/F, F/F, M/FF+
Femdom, Humiliation,
Vore, Dubcon, Power Imbalance, Aphrodisiacs
Tentacles, Monster Sex
Brief Mind Control

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