If an elf, a catgirl and a witch ask you if you’re a hero, you say yes!

Rob remembers being pushed off a platform on The Tube, but he didn’t wake up in hospital.

He woke up in a fantasy world, with three hot women telling him he’s the Chosen One of Etheriel, their goddess, who claimed his soul when he died and has gifted him a buff new body.

Adriel is her priestess and an elf. Tabby is a catgirl and a fierce warrior, and Lillian is a redheaded witch.

Etheriel will grant him magical powers if he builds a harem of heroines and takes on the quest she has for him. Save the town of Riverton from an army of aggressive dwarves with a penchant for enslaving people.

On the negative side, he’s got to raid the dungeon tomb of the Barrow King to take his magical torc, and he’s used to fighting with a rifle and grenades, not a sword and shield. He’s only got three adventures in his party, and soon they’ll have to find a way to defeat an army.

On the positive side, if he can pull it off, he’ll get magical powers, a trio of beautiful women, the chance to defend the town against overwhelming odds, and become the hero he’s always wanted to be.

Rob might have died on Earth, but now he’s going to grasp life with both hands and live it to the full.

The Barrow King is an isekai men’s adventure short novel (40K+), featuring strong language, explicit adult situations and violence. You’ll also find moderate empire building, slice-of-life, magic and a desperate fight against overwhelming odds in the series. Download it now to find out how Rob adapts to his new life.

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