My latest novel!
A Dystopic Action-Adventure tale, with tons of action and sexy stuff along the way, including harem elements, light BDSM and more.
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Shawn Keys

A Dystopic Action-Adventure Novel!

Kyle is directionless, languishing in a local community college trying to figure out what to do with his life. All around him, the world is getting stranger. A virus has rendered most of the male population in the world infertile. The fabric of society is stretching thin. People are scared of what might come next.

Then, in a lightning strike of unexpected fortune, Kyle finds out he is one of the few. He isn’t at all ready for what comes next. It no longer matters if he ever had hopes and dreams. What other people want suddenly is now far more important. Some want to claim him. Some want to hate him. Then, there are those who don’t think he should ever have received that gift. They will do anything to make sure he never gets the chance to enjoy it.

The fact that he is special crashes into his life and changes the way everyone looks at Kyle. But that is both a gift and a curse. There is a cost to finding out that he is special, and the cost might end up being his life.

===== Fair Warning =====

This book is the first steps taken by the characters into a dystopic future just beginning to fall apart. There will be violence, emotional turmoil, dark subject matter, and some intense, highly erotic scenes which include harem elements, light BDSM play and lots of sexy fun.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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