The Roman LitRPG continues as the Second Punic War begins. The stakes for Rome have increased as the struggle for power in the Mediterranean continues!

Victor heads back home after a bittersweet battle against the troops of the great Carthaginian general, Hamilcar. He now finds himself as one of Rome’s top generals as the bloody Second Punic War begins. The island of Sicilia (Sicily) has shifted towards Carthaginian control and mother Rome is in danger of losing the important strategic island. The needle will shift in either direction during the pivotal battles of the Second Punic War.

Victor Maximus will have to continue to improve his weapons, conquer more territory, carefully manage diplomatic relations with his fellow Roman cities, and continue to make sure the Gods are happy. The story will take on an Age of Empires flavor as Victor will have to upgrade his warships, siege weapons, and his legionnaires. Also, Victor will have to juggle his lovely women as he meets more lovely women in the lands of Gaul. Can Victor exact revenge for the death of his childhood love and become the top general in Rome? Or will Hamilcar rule the Mediterranean and have Victor’s head?

Continue the adventure as Victor Maximus licks his wounds. This is a LitRPG set in the real world. Unlike last time, even one lost battle can tip the scales in the Punic Wars. The book is set in real life and the consequences, including the pain, are all too real.

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