Having defeated the monstrous foe lurking at Erro’s doorstep, Hugh swears to do whatever it takes to protect his new home and the beautiful women he loves.

Toward that end, he seeks to form troubling alliances against a common foe, only to discover that nothing is as it seems. While no man, beast, or fae can stand against his blade, shifting treacheries and revelations threaten to destroy everything he values.

But his every attempt to find a solution is thwarted by the oath he swore to the Lost Reavers. What hope for peace when your soul belongs to beings consumed by blood lust? What chance for a better future when their every demand is for destruction and death?

Hugh will have to face the seething darkness that is the source of his terrible power and decide: just how much evil is he willing to commit to save the ones he loves?

Warning and minor spoilers: This is an 18+ book intended for mature readers. It contains graphic sex, medieval violence, and harem relationships.

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