Everything is finally coming together in Sam Archer’s life, and yet simultaneously the delicate balance is becoming strained. He is well aware that his relationships are heading toward a breaking point if something doesn’t give – and soon.
      However, when new threats appear, everyone finally realizes that a decision must be made. One that will change his life forever.
      The balancing act cannot go on.
      Will Sam’s family be able to endure the drastic changes coming to their lives? And when help comes from an unexpected source, will they be able to band together to conquer their enemies?

Warning: This book contains adult content that may not be suitable for all audiences, including adult scenes and harem elements.

      “Demanding, controlling, but also gentle, right?” I clarified, taking my eyes off the road to glance at her.
      Heidi nodded once, her hands tight between her thighs.
      I changed subjects again. “So, you never did say if you had dinner or not.”
      “I’m not really hungry,” she admitted. “Though I could do dessert.” She looked up at me, her lavender eyes endearing. “I really like random, so it’s more fun if you just decide what we’re going to do.”
      “Sure you won’t be bored?” I teased. “I’m not sure I’m very creative.”
      Heidi grinned. “I don’t care. Boring is fine. But the suspense of not knowing what we’re going to do is really fun. Even if it’s something we’ve done before. Just a walk is fine too, as long as I don’t know what we’re doing beforehand.”
      I nodded, already having a destination in mind at this point. We were both silent for a few minutes, until I made a turn.
      “So, where we going?” Heidi asked.
      I grinned at her. “I can’t tell you, silly. You just said you wanted random.”
      “Still fun to ask,” she teased.
      I nodded in response, smiling just a little. “Well, we’re almost there, so you’ll see soon.”

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The Powerful Pride of an Immortal is a full-length novel.
Genres: Men’s Fantasy, Superpower Fantasy, Superhero Adventure, Superpower Romance.

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