Muranth is recently an adult of his species, and he’s sent on a walkabout in another realm. A long-standing custom of his people. The realm filled with humans, elves, and a multitude of monsters. The goals are simple enough, gather enough treasure to satisfy his instincts, and learn mastery over his amorphic magic. There are other reasons as well, if of lesser importance. There are also rules and customs, laws, that have been developed for good reason, such as staying in human form.

Things aren’t quite that simple though. What was supposed to be a subtle entrance to the world happened in the middle of a huge battle instead. Worse, he was dropped in the middle of a horde of undead led by a lich.

His quest grows even more complicated after that, but will he realize nothing is as it seems before it kills him?

Content Warning: Not suitable for children. This is a monster harem story with explicitly mature scenes between a man and a woman, and other mature content. There’s no explicit group sex in this book, but that’s coming in the second and final book. You have been warned.

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