Dave Smith is having a bad day, week, month, maybe even year.
Freshly unemployed, facing eviction and now he’s been transported to a fantasy world. A wish come true for many a geek, if only he hadn’t died less than a day after he arrived.
Now trapped in this fantasy realms version of purgatory, he faces the prospect of trying to navigate a new existence as a dungeon.
That wouldn’t be so bad, except ending dungeons seems to be the path out for many of the other denizens of these Proving Grounds.
To make matters worse the deities of this place have taken a special interest in complicating his stay, for their own, as yet unstated reasons.
On the upside he has a new buff and studly avatar and any sexy fantasy ladies who happen to fall in his dungeon are his to keep, to strengthen his dungeon obviously. Nudge, nudge, wink wink.
Downside, most of the raiders in his region are bearded dudes or ugly and orc like.
What’s a guy whose life experiences include gaming and working a series of crummy customer service jobs to do.
Answer. Work the system, be as obnoxiously obstinate as he can be and bend every rule like it’s made of rubber. Oh and whine, just a little bit, well it is all very unfair.

(This content is for mature adults, it includes explicit sex with multiple female partners, violence, profanity, actions and opinions that contravene current societal norms and legality. As well as a bit of juvenile humour, stats, levelling eventually, )
Gamelit, Haremlit, Dungeon Core

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