Daxas has survived his first few weeks as a Dungeon.
He has successfully discovered several exploits in the system and has been thriving.
He is advancing to the second rank, fought off an invasion of orcs and goblins and most importantly now has a lovely wood elf companion named Jessamyn.
However, success brings new challenges, and new more powerful challengers.
It’s time for the Wolf King to expand his dungeon, cut down any who dare oppose him and add to his harem of mates.

Meanwhile, the Divine Lord’s are plotting in the background, trying to engineer his downfall.

Can he survive? Probably, he is pretty awesome after all, and he plans to have plenty of fun along the way.

(This content is for mature adults, it includes explicit sex with multiple female partners, violence, profanity, actions and opinions that contravene current societal norms and legality. As well as a bit of juvenile humour, and stats. The story contains Gamelit and Haremlit elements)

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