Ajax and his elven lovers have entered the Wyld. It is the original home of the elves. It is the land of the fae. Most importantly, it is the pathway to the elemental planes which then leads to the Gates of Creation. Ajax is burdened with carrying a spirit from the realm of creation, and he has sworn to take her home.

Their path is uncertain. None of them know what awaits them in the savage land of the fae. They are sure to be hunted if they are discovered. Worse, if the nature of their secret passenger is uncovered, there is nothing that the powerful fae wouldn’t do to capture the creation spirit so as to steal her divine power.

But Ajax has given his oath. Imbued with new power and magic, the warrior and his companions will prove how far they are willing to go to fulfill their promise. They will face fears. They will face death. But whatever the cost… they will take the lost spirit home.

* * * * * * *

This full-length novel contains fantasy style action, adventure, magic and violence. There are also explicit scenes of descriptive sex, which includes harem elements and all sorts of naughtiness.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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