As my core continues to grow in power, so do the challenges of Acalia’s fearsome towers.

After crushing the Forest Tower and moving into a home big enough for me and my four companions, a period of relaxation feels much deserved.

Fate has other plans for us.

When troubling news arrives from the South, we will pack up our things and ride for adventure once again.

Minh, Astra, Siobhan, and Brea will ride beside me as we head deep into the riverlands of Souther Acalia. At the end of every coursing river, the Lake Tower waits, tall and imposing.

The Third Tower isn’t as straightforward as it once was, however.

Everyone keeps saying the same thing: The towers are harder than they’ve ever been, and the monsters that lurk there are far too powerful.

With the strength of my enhanced core and the courage of allies, I know we will be up to the task.

My only worry is… can we do it in time?

This Light Novel includes:
Isekai / Portal Fantasy
Gamelit / Lite LitRPG
Spell Crafting
Interior Art
Increasing Level System and Skills
Spells and Magic
Slow Burn Harem

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