Ajax was alive. That in itself was a wonder to him. Knowing that his elf companions had also been given new life by the angelic being known as Quala was a supreme joy. For that gift, he would sing Quala’s praises to the new world upon which he now walked.

His task was simple: to revive the faith in the old gods. In so doing, he could reconnect the peoples of the world with the beings who created them. The only issue is that this world is ruled by orcs dedicated to a different faith. A faith that rejects such ideas and is willing to eradicate any who oppose them.

Together with his lovers, Ajax sets out to break the power of these Shamans of the Bone and bring new hope to this world. Then, once done, to all the other realms that exist.

But there is a darkness stirring. A darkness he does not yet suspect exists. And with it… comes the end of all existence.


This full-length novel contains fantasy style action, adventure, magic and violence. There are also explicit scenes of descriptive sex, which includes harem elements and all sorts of naughtiness. For the entertainment of adults only!

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