I’m proud to announce the release of the finale to my series, Orc Pirate: UPON A PALE HORSE!

It has everything a proper finale should: more blood, more death, more adventure, more ships, more women, and more orc. Here’s the blurb:

Danger excites him. But Orc Pirate can’t fully enjoy it when those surrounding him are pitiful and weak. Thankfully, just hearing his exploits has made them powerful. So, even if something does happen to them, they’ll have nothing to fear. And when you read about his exploits, you too will have nothing to fear. Because even if Death himself comes for you on his pale horse, you will be so powerful, you won’t even be able to find a shirt able to contain your power.

And that’s something even Death will fear. So, are you ready to go shirtless? Because Orc Pirate is ready…

Simon Archer

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