The news was enough to blow Kyle’s mind. He had believed that nothing could cause a bigger stir than his revelation over network television that the Soldiers of Dawn, a group of eugenicists operating in secret, had not only infiltrated the government but also released Persterim, the disease crippling the fertility of the male portion of society.

That was until an announcement came from the highest levels of government declaring that the corruption didn’t stop inside the lower ranks of various agencies. It went all the way to the top. As other governments around the world echo the same accusations at their own leaders, the truth had become very apparent: society as a whole was on the verge of breaking down into outright pandemonium.

Continuously hunted by the Dawn, Kyle begins to make preparations for the safety of his new family. But even as they do, they discover a new terror emerging. One that will rip apart the world in a way that no-one imagined.

His family is in danger, and Kyle will do anything to keep them safe. Whatever comes, whatever it takes, he was going to see them through this.

===== Fair Warning =====

This book is the next leap taken by the characters into a dystopic future as it continues to crumble. There will be violence, emotional turmoil, dark subject matter, and some intense, highly erotic scenes which include harem elements, light BDSM play and lots of sexy fun.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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