Tensions rise in Aether Academy as cultists from the Knights of Eradication gather at its border. Angry protests threaten to turn into something much more dangerous, and an outside influence seems to fuel their confidence.

Meanwhile, a mysterious patron approaches Jake with a job for the Shadows. All he needs to do is help take down one of the most powerful mages in the world.

Jake needs to balance his priorities. He searches for a way to break his ties to the dark God Vethris, develops his own fighting style as he chooses his next round of classes, and adds a new member to the study group.

But his lies are starting to catch up to him.

When it all comes to a head, will his harem still have his back? Or will they only see the Shadows Jake has been hiding in all along…

**Witch Girl Study Group 3 is an 18+ isekai fantasy harem story with slice of life elements and explicit adult situations**

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