Dark Gods and Witch Girls, name a more iconic duo.

Jake works at the newest, and technically oldest, excavation site in America.

As a janitor. Not quite an archeology major’s wet dream.

But then an ancient Pillar awakens and Jake switches lives with a doppelganger in another world. This world’s Jake happens to be a top prospect at the magical Aether Academy… and a servant of a dark God who expects repayment for his boon.

If he’s going to live long enough to find a way home, Jake will need a little help. Luckily, beautiful witch girls are lining up to form a study group with the man they think is a genius. He’s not. But who is Jake to turn away busty witch girls in need?

When they learn about a bond that will help them all cheat on their deadly exams…well they’ve worked their whole lives to get into that school, and they’ll do whatever it takes to graduate!

But exams are just the beginning.

**Witch Girl Study Group is an 18+ isekai fantasy harem story with explicit adult situations**

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