Exiled in the wastelands, they struggle to survive.

Beasts hunt them. Centaurs enslave them. The wilderness starves and freezes them.

They need a champion.

Enter Jedediah Braddock.

A rugged frontiersman from Earth, Braddock has enough love and courage to forge a new destiny in this mighty land. Together, he and the monster girls vow to build a town in the wilderness.

There is much to do.

Timber to cut. Cabins to build. Game to hunt. Land to plow and plant.

Sprites to seed. Children to raise. And a whole bunch of enemies to kill.

Filled with tough optimism and pioneering spirit, Braddock rises to the challenge.

But how can an Earthman running low on ammo wrangle a world of monsters and magic?

Warning: This series contains graphic violence, undefined relationships/harem, and a strong male protagonist with the rough and ready attitude of an American frontiersman. Read at your own risk.

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