CONTENT WARNING: Even more graphic sex and violence!

So you read the first Sword & Sorcery harem fantasy isekai adventure of Billy the Barbarian and you’re back, thirsting for more? Boy oh boy, do we have you covered. In the second episode of Billy’s adventures across the Bronze Age kingdom of Thune, join him and his heavenly concubines as they venture into mystic wastelands where an eldritch temple waits for our heroes to explore its secrets and face the revenant soul of a dead god.

And that’s just the first half. If you enjoy this tale and other fast-paced adventure stories meant for straight adult men who like it when the juicy scenes don’t fade to black, check back at Virgil Knightley’s author page on the 14th and the 28th of each month for more content.

CAUTION: Read this book only if you enjoy d&d style adventures, dark bronze age fantasy, violent action sequences, exquisitely described sex scenes, and the occasional cuss word or two! You’ve been warned!

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