For James Rearden, his dream of advancing his career in the Royal Australian Navy has been derailed in a way he could never possibly have imagined. A novel technology has cast him adrift in a multiverse of various dimensions: each one a version of Earth, and yet with differences that range from the minor to the inconvenient to the deadly.

As he reinvents himself as an explorer as well as a warfighter, the best consolation are the people who are sharing the journey with him. Only a handful survived the initial, jarring transition to a different dimension, and even fewer made it through the challenges that followed. Those that remained have become intimately close, supporting each other and learning to live with each other. They are all each other have left while cut adrift from their world.

Now comes the daunting task of finding their way home. They have the materials to survive. They have trained themselves to sail their ship with so few embarked. But there are countless dimensions, and their resident expert has yet to discover how to aim their jumps from one to the next. It is going to take time, and they will need to defy the dangers they will face.

For while the idea of new worlds might be exciting, not all of them are friendly. And there are those eager to prey on unsuspecting wanderers…

* * * * * * *
This full-length novel contains science fiction and military style action, adventure, science and violence. There are also explicit scenes of descriptive sex, which includes non-traditional relationships and all sorts of naughtiness.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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