New Harem GameLit Serial: Golemancer Girls Part 1

Capture souls. Prepare organic compounds. Animate.

As a science guy I never put much stock in luck…until mine ran out. 

When my fellow tomb-hunter blew me off a bridge, leaving me for dead and stealing my golem companions, I became a convert to the existence of good fortune. 

I didn’t die, against the odds. I was spared. Rend, I said to myself, cradling my leg stump, what would the Temple instruct in this situation? Mercy and Wisdom, of course.

So that’s what I’ll do… when I free the golem girls my partner stole and hand him over to witch hunters with just enough of his guts left to give them some sport.

All that stands between me and my revenge is recreating my team. And soul-devouring wights and demon infested crypts. Maybe a nosey Crown agent with a taste for executions. See, being a golemancer is punishable by death where I’m from. Just possessing a golem soul is enough to get your hands lopped off. But it’s alright because luck is on my side. 

That’s the great thing about luck: It’s always on your side. 

Until it runs out…

Golemancer Girls is a serial fiction series following Rend’s ongoing quest for vengeance. These  short-read installments are a slow-burn monster girl harem that includes violence, sexual themes, and adult situations. 

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