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New Harem Halloween Story: Until the Dawn

* Warning *

This book contains scenes of Fantasy Horror, intense action sequences, and detailed accounts of sex that some might consider twisted, bizarre, and maybe even a little messed up. For the entertainment of Adult Audiences only!

For the Horror Halloween Enthusiasts: Hopefully you’ll taste the fear in this one!

For the Fun Halloween Enthusiasts: It is still meant to be fun, but there ARE scenes where people get the crap scared out of them in a haunted house while some really weird stuff goes on. Not for the feint of heart.

The Story:

The Harrogate House is haunted.

Everyone knows that. Whether it is revered, feared or avoided, it is a part of life in these sleepy suburbs. People know to keep their distance.

That is… until an ambitious real-estate speculator who enjoys breaking down such stories decides to end the old mansion’s existence.

He didn’t count on three bold, fearless young women who want to believe that the world deserves a little magic… and who happen to like a spooky spice to their lives.

What happens when they clashed was always going to be interesting. But when you mix in the meddling addition of an old wizard who enjoys unlocking hidden potential?

The possibilities suddenly go well beyond simply ‘interesting’…

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