WARNING: Book contains graphic depictions of sex and violence.

Are you looking for a new Sword and Sorcery legend that’s gift-wrapped in an isekai harem fantasy that feels like epic level D&D by way of Conan the Barbarian? Then wander no further, ye weary seekers!

Go on an adventure in a grim fantasy world filled with horrible monsters and powerful sorcerers, viewing the action through the lens of Billy, a nerd from Wisconsin who suddenly finds himself transported to a strange land and gifted with tremendous muscles and godlike potential. Join him as he hacks and slashes his way closer to his true destiny. What fate will he pursue? Kinghood? Godhood? Building the hottest harem of scantily clad women imaginable? Perhaps a bit of columns A, B, and C? There’s even a map at the front of the book so you can follow along as the adventure unfolds!

Give a new author a chance and check out this novella!

CAUTION: This book features explicit sex, nudity, and violence, as well as harem elements geared toward straight men. Read this book only if you enjoy D&D style adventures, dark bronze age fantasy, violent action sequences, exquisitely described sex scenes, and the occasional cuss word or two! You’ve been warned! View the amazon page here!

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