One-hundred years ago, the corporations ruled El Finito. They turned the planet into a single, massive city, covered by their factories, research labs, boardrooms, and skyscrapers. Blinded by greed, they went to war. They utterly annihilated each other. Their shining city was reduced to a planet-wide ruin, The Stacks. The only survivors were the genetically engineered, human-animal hybrids they had used as soldiers and workers.

My name is Locke. As a member of the Delvers’ Guild, my job is to explore the ruins left behind by the corporations. Joined by Gnasher, my new girlfriend and partner, I brave the depths of The Stacks to bring back lost technology and forgotten knowledge. Until recently, my major concerns in life were making enough credits to pay the rent and learning how to navigate my relationship; I might be Gnasher’s boyfriend, but I’m not the only love in her life. I’m still trying to figure out how to get along with her girlfriend, Spinny.

Then, almost by accident, the opportunity of a lifetime fell into our laps. We were given the chance to raid a previously undiscovered genetics lab and to loot its secrets. Little did I know, when we took that job, that the fate of my world would fall into my hands.

Warning: This novel contains descriptions of violence, graphic sex, unconventional relationships, and limitless adventure.

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